Getting from Kefalonia Airport to Skala – Check Argostoli bus timetable

Argostoli was destroyed by the 7.2 Richter earthquake, which caused the loss of many lives, while uplifted the whole island by 60 cm. Over the years the island got the most secure building conditions and it turned to a scenic city ideal for family holidays. Please show me accommodation at my travel destination on

Having booked a rental car and having it delivered to you at the port is the easiest and most comfortable way to get to your hotel. Taxis are usually located outside the port, but they are fewer in these areas and you may not be able to get into one right away. Sorry, I am not sure if the KTEL buses will run these schedules in the middle or end of September. They might run them in the middle of September but I can’t remember how long they did last year. A trip from Lixouri to Sami will cost approximately 3,80 Euro. argostoli bus timetable is the capital city of Cephalonia and surrounded by dense vegetation and water, offering a unique combination of mountain and sea.

At this time of the season, I would suggest hiring a car to get around. So maybe you should choose a different day to go and stay at Divarata if you want to go on to Fiskardo the next day. There are public buses on Kefalonia to beaches like Antisamos and Myrtos. The bus would go to Sami and then you get a connecting bus to Antisamos.

The same bus that goes to Fiskardo also stops at Sami along the way. The best way to get to know this beautiful island is by a private vehicle. Some road sections are among the most beautiful I have seen, as the road between Argostoli and Fiskardo. Also the road between Fiskardo and Agia Efimia is fantastically beautiful. If you are not able – or want – to rent a car or moped, you can do a guided tour around the island by bus. Wildlife Sense is a research and conservation organization based on the island of Kefalonia, Greece.

The village of Asos is also close to Fiskardo and is worth visiting on the way. Fiskardo is a small town in the northern portion of the Greek Island of Kefalonia. The village is quaint, colourful and surprisingly lively in the summer months! As well as beautiful beaches, roman ruins and delicious eateries, there are many fascinating things to do in Fiskardo. You can make an excursion with a glass bottom boat and see some of the surroundings of Argostoli and eat BBQ at a nearby beach. You can choose between a full or a half day tour, or a short evening tour.

Photos of this great island destination can be found on the Kefalonia Photos page. For a hike closer to Argostoli, explore the ancient city of Krane and walk the cyclopean walls. You can begin the hike from the center of Argostoli or you can drive for around 5 minutes and park before beginning the hike. There are plenty of different companies offering many types of cruises from argostoli bus timetable.

Or the bus drops you off at Divarata village and you get a connecting bus down to Myrtos beach. You will find the bus station right outside the arrivals terminal. Just follow the signs at the airport or ask the airport staff for assistance.

Bus service is provided between the Airport and the city of Kefalonia. The bus stop is located at the left side of the main entrance of the departures building. Finally, many accommodations offer their clients a shuttle service from the airport . If you are interested in it, contact your accommodation a few days before your arrival on the island. Advance tickets for Intercity connections are cheaper than normal fare and are available online only. Zakynthos is connected to Kefalonia by ferry-boat too; the cross is about 1 hour from A.

The number of runs is approximate and thepriceof one-way ticketis between 1,80 and 3,60 Euros according to the destination. From England there are direct flights leaving from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and others city. Further more during the summer period Zakynthos is directly connected to many European cities with charter flights. Outside Katerina Mare there is a bus stop for the local bus. Although local drivers can communicate in English, you are advised to have your destination written down to avoid misunderstandings. If you need a taxi at anytime just ask a local taverna, bar or shop owner to call one for you.