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The bear also offered impromptu music lessons on the piano, dance lessons to the shoppers. Standing at a cool 4½-feet, this bear is christened, The Big Hunka Love Diamond Bear. That is because the teddy comes with a 5.9 carat, one-of-a-kind “fire rose” diamond ring! Perrywinkle’s Fine Jewelry makes the ring in Burlington.

It was adeptly emceed by Andrew Firestone, who also enthusiastically conducted a successful live auction, thanks to the many generous bidders in the audience. Nick Jeong, Zazen Bear’s US CEO, “Zen Garden I is based on circles while Zen Garden II is angular and architectural. Nexus Malls, that operate the Elante Mall, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad city’s Ahmedabad One, Seawoods Grand Central Mumbai and Westend Mall Pune, decided to go all out with their Valentine festivities. Wanting to do away from the traditional celebrations, together with EG! click here

They can either keep the bear in the box or take it out and put it anywhere they like. The bear is so beautiful though, I think it looks best with its box. The roses are made from thick, soft materials and should be nicely preserved if hung outside their box. You could put the roses any room of the house, at work, or wherever you want to show your loved one how you feel. The day finished with an exclusive party at Burberry’s flagship store in Knightsbridge, which was attended by Elton John, model Edie Campbell as well as musician Miles Kane who performed at the event.

Perfect for those first little picnics, or for carrying important teddy bears to grandma’s house. Zippers that opens the BackPack up completely, and the smart little magnetic lock on the chest strap are features that will let your little explorer feel that they are in charge. The visitors at the mall saw a giant 6 foot+ teddy bear giving out free warm hugs to everyone – along with flowers, stuffed toys, and a chance to dance along on the special dance space in the middle of the mall.

The day of love and romance got reinvented and became all inclusive when children, couples, parents, older folk — all were touched by the Valentine festivities generating priceless smiles and good cheer. Hundreds of roses have been scattered at the wreck site of Henry VIII’s flagship Mary Rose to mark the 40th anniversary of it being raised from the seabed. Generally speaking, they are considered to be collectible items. So if you’re looking to purchase one as a gift for someone else, it’s important to consider their collector status before making a decision. Additionally, some people find that the rose scent is a little too strong for their taste. So if you’re considering buying one for yourself or a loved one, it’s best to go with a less overpowering option like lilac or jasmine instead.