Summit Hail Repair Denver, CO

Their integrity work is unmatched and I would only use them for my PDR needs. Their years of experience make them the best around. We understand the importance of reliable results and quality customer service.

Car hail damage is one of the leading causes of Denver’s total losses. Even if the car is still drivable, it can be totaled by a severe hail storm. Most car owners do not know that auto hail repair cost is 100% covered under their comprehensive policy. Even better, insurance premiums will not be affected nor rise because of a hail damage claim. The only cost the car owner is responsible for in the deductible. At Summit Hail Repair, we cover your deductible 100%.

Plain and simple, you can trust us with all of your paintless Dent Repair Parker Colorado Springs needs. We’ve been providing this type of service for years and our experience with the process predates our time in business. You’ll need to have had comprehensive insurance on your vehicle at the time of the damage, of course.

The more skilled the technicians, the better the chances of repairing even larger dents. Not only that, we’ll also make the process as stress-free as possible for you. We liaise with the insurance, conduct thorough damage assessments, and make sure the car is delivered to you fully cleaned and in top shape.

We also do auto window tinting and vehicle detailing. We only use premium auto detailing products from Adam’s Polishes. If your vehicle is in need of more than aesthetic work, we have a wide range of services to cater to your needs, from hail damage repairs to fleet services to auto collision repair. Whether you’ve been involved in an accident or you need to keep your company cars on the road at low costs but high quality service, we are here to help.

This is the most affordable, yet highly effective method for Auto Dent Removal. To hundreds of Dents and Dings (typically this is caused by severe Devastating Hail Storms…). Five Star Hail will restore your vehicle, even to the pre-damaged state!

Summit Hail Repair is a locally owned and operated Littleton paintless dent repair shop that provides honest and quality auto hail damage repair. Summit Hail Repair is easily accessible and is located just 10 minutes south on US-85 from downtown Denver. Denver Dents puts the integrity of customer service and quality repairs first, every time. Our experienced and professional auto hail damage specialists work directly with your insurance company, on your behalf, to make sure nothing is overlooked. Click here to get help filing a claim with your insurance provider.

Many people can’t even remember where the dent was once the automobile is repaired. The expectations were very clear up front about repairing some serious hail damage to our CRV and the communications were great through the process. The end result was great – our car is back to a new-looking state. We were able to see the working area where the cars are repaired and it was very clean and organized, that always says something about an organization. This was truly a no-cost experience, no deductible or hidden costs. We know that dealing with auto hail repair companies can be stressful, we promise that we’ll help make your repair experience as simple and straightforward as possible.

The Auto Hail Repair Specialists at Five Star Hail understand and are here to assist. I highly recommend United Hail Pros for anyone’s hail repair needs. Their staff is friendly, their work is not only professional but also fairly priced.