Latest Halo Collar Reviews for 2022

On top of that, the size range is more limited than Halo 2 dog collar and requires you to use Verizon or AT&T as your mobile service provider to use the collar in full. Additionally, you can set up multiple fences through the Halo app. That way, you won’t have to remake your existing Halo fences if you take your dog out. Instead, you can save the presets and store up to 20 different fences with the Basic Plan alone. Very small dogs might respond poorly to minor annoyances, so be sure your dog can handle the training technology first.

It has the same kind of fencing and tracking options as the SpotOn collar, but it also has a great app that allows you to track your dog as well as his or her activity. This is more of a whole dog monitoring service than just a fence. The SpotOn Virtual Fence allows you to set up multiple overlapping fencing areas so that you can give your dog plenty of places in which to play. I live on 2 acres and would really love this product to work for my husky. She is well trained on and off leash, but our neighbors are too much fun, and she loves to go visit and ignore me.

You won’t need to worry about a power outage affecting your dog collar because the device depends on a cellular connection and GPS satellites. If you’re looking for a shock-free device, check out Wagz Freedom. Halo’s first-generation collar seemed like an excellent training and safety tool. But a review of feedback on the internet revealed that this device was lacking in performance.

The Safety Statuses of the Halo Collar shows you the location and activities of your dog in real-time. This is possible because of the integration of GNSS & GPS systems and the cellular and Wi-Fi technologies into the Halo Collar itself. Less worries for you at this will keep you at as ease wherever you may be, even when you are not with your pup.

The Halo Collar features smart virtual fences which can be easily customizable via the Halo App to set up the perimeters of the fences where you want your pups to stay and play in safely and securely. This feature gives you the freedom and security to let your dogs roam within their virtual smart Halo Fences off-leash without the anxiety of them getting out of it without your knowledge. So, many dog owners worry about their dogs getting out of our house or running after squirrels or cats or other small animals they find on the streets and getting lost just like that. The 21-day training program is developed in collaboration with expert behaviorist Cesar Milan.